La Reserva Club de Sotogrande

Blua Blue is the exclusive watersports partner of La Reserva Club de Sotogrande. Come join us on the 17,000 square-meter sports lagoon, next to the beach club, for jetboarding, efoiling, SUP, kayaking and more! It is a safe wave and wind free environment, just 10 minutes from our store in the Sotogrande port, that is the perfect place to try out and learn how to ride all the boards we sell.

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About Blua Blue

Blua Blue is the brainchild of Wayne and Grant Brooks, who have been at the forefront of the motorized surfboard revolution since buying their first Surfjet petrol jetboard in 1998. After years of buying, reconditioning, and selling petrol jetboards, they opened Jet Board Limited in 2014, followed by Jet Board Spain in 2016.

Portrait of Wayne Brooks.

Wayne Brooks

Portrait of Grant Brooks.

Grant Brooks

Portrait of Phil Gontier.

Phil Gontier

In 2021 Blua Blue was born in the port of Sotogrande - a company that's much more than just a jetboard seller. Blua Blue is an ocean, watersports, and lifestyle company that specializes in electric water toys, including electric jetboards and electric foils. With passionate water sports enthusiasts on the team, we're not just selling equipment - we're selling a lifestyle, experience, and dream.

Our commitment to luxury water sports is evident in everything we do. From our surf shop and surf bar, to our rental locations and schools, we've created a community of water lovers who share our passion for the ocean. We're always pushing the limits of what's possible.

In 2022 we joined forces with E-Surfer Spain to bring you the very best in electric surfboards. Wayne, Mike from Jet Surfing Nation, and Andreas from E-Surfer started the All Star Jetboard Tour back in 2018 to test as many electric surfboards as possible. Five years later, we're still working together to test the latest boards and bring you the ultimate in high-performance water sports.

More recently, we welcomed Phil Gontier as an investor. We got to know Phil back in 2022. After one "test flite" Phil decided he wanted his own high-performance luxury water toy and promptly purchased a Fliteboard from Blua Blue. He expressed interest in getting involved with Blua Blue and helping to create a community of eFoilers across Málaga and the Costa del Sol (where he resides). Given his passion and commitment it was a no-brainer. Phil will help us push the boundaries by promoting Blua Blue for events and especially luxurious VIP corporate experiences.

So come and join us on the water, and experience the thrill of luxury water sports like never before. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, we have everything you need to make your dreams of riding the waves a reality!

  • The front exterior of the Blua Blue surf shop by day.
  • Wayne, Andreas and Rafa standing next to each other in front of Jet Surfing Nation flags.
  • Wayne's dog, Two Stroke, sleeping on a chair with an E-Surfer hat on.
  • Wayne and Andreas fist bumping each other in front of an E-Surfer banner in front of the Blua Blue surf shop.
  • Wayne riding a jetboard on the La Reserva Club watersports lagoon.
  • Rear view of a rider on a jetboard traveling at high speed through the Sotogrande port.
  • A large gathering of paddleboard, or SUP, riders in the Sotogrande port.
  • Some of the tables and the bar at the Blua Blue cocktail lounge in the Sotogrande marina.
  • The Blua Blue team stood next to each other in the entrance of the Blua Blue surf shop.
  • The Jet Surfing Nation, All Star Jetboard Testing Tour, and E-Surfer beach flags in the sun.
  • A freshly poured drink on one of the tables at the Blua Blue cocktail bar in the Sotogrande port.
  • The front exterior of the Blua Blue surf shop at night.
  • A man riding an Awake Ravic S electric surfboard at the La Reserva watersports lagoon.

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