Fliteboard ULTRA

Push your ride to the extreme

From €12,295

New 80cm mast for wave riding
Premium carbon construction
Optional footstraps

Beyond Imagination

Take your ride to the next level with the 4'2" ULTRA. Minimal swing weight combined with an 80cm mast and footstraps lets you test the limits of what’s possible on an eFoil.

Clean touchdowns

Flite's double concave design creates minimal resistance during touchdowns for a smooth ride.

80cm mast

Customers asked and Flite listened, delivering an 80cm mast. Perfect for those hard carves, wing breaches and giant swell riding.

Flitecell Nano

The lightest battery available is an ideal match for ULTRA. Fully charged in under an hour with up to 45 mins foil time.

Leash plug

Considered design for those who like to ride waves and have peace of mind that their board won’t get carried away.

Strap in to fly

Fully equipped with new silicon handles, leash plug and optional footstraps. For seasoned riders who want to push boundaries.

Interchangeable propulsion

If you’re exploring flat water, Flite Jet adds another dimension to your ride. Cut through the water smoothly and silently.

With Dual Drive technology, Flite Jet can quickly be replaced with the True Glide prop for when you want to ride waves.

True Glide, true power

The free-spinning True Glide prop is great for riding waves. It still delivers uncompromising power when using the motor.

New wings, new ride

From wave riding and hard carving to full throttle riding at high speeds, change your wings to change your ride.

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