The lightest performance eFoil

From €13,195

Extended 80cm mast for wave riding
Luxurious carbon construction
Footstraps optional

New Frontiers

Flite topped their best eFoil model with a lighter, nimbler version. Experience surf foil's responsiveness fused with eFoil's power. Elevate your ride!

Extreme performance

ULTRA L comes pre-configured based on extensive testing to give you the ultimate lightweight ride.

ULTRA L comes with:

  • Flitecell Nano
  • 80cm mast
  • True Glide prop
  • Flow wing

Elegence in simplicity

Flite meticulously crafted the ULTRA L, focusing on weight reduction and performance enhancements.

Fluid gold silhouette, wrapped in beautiful Italian Carbon Innegra.

Custom designed deck grip keeps you grounded while your head is in the clouds.

Flitecell Nano

The lightest battery available positioned closer to the mast, for the most agile and responsive ride. Minimal swing weight lets you explore your eFoiling limits.

Fly higher

The new 80cm mast is perfect for taking on bigger waves and achieving greater lean angles in turns.

Shaping up

For smooth rail to rail transitions

"ULTRA L is the next frontier of wave riding"

Keahi de Aboitiz, 4 x kitesurfing world champion

Ride the power of the ocean

True Glide lets you ride swell with and without the use of the motor.

Modular architecture

Choose an extra Flitecell Sport or Explore for an extended ride time. Then transform your ride by changing your wings.

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