eFoiling for everyone!

From €12,995

Quick to learn
Inflatable & easy to transport
Ride the waves in silence
Dependable Flite technology

Step on and go

Stable. Easy. Freedom. Available in Oyster and Silver.

From €12,995

Ease of a scooter, the joy of Flite

Feel the freedom of flying over water

Beautifully simple, always in control

Manage your speed with a thumb throttle and view ride data on Flite Controller, all built into removable handlebars.

Revolutionising watersports

Even with no experience, you’ll be eFoiling in minutes. Flitescooter opens up a world of fun for anyone. Perfect for yachts, resorts and families.

Fly Zones for peace of mind

Designate ‘safe areas’ prior to riding via Flite App. Get an alert and slow to a safe speed when you venture beyond your Fly Zone.

Carefree with wireless safety key

Flite's wireless safety key uses Bluetooth technology to recognise when you’re not on the board and immediately cuts off the power.

Proven Flitecell battery safety

With over 50,000 sessions logged and 10,000 Flitecells sold, Flite offers the safest experience with an average ride time of 1.5 hours.

Carbon fibre

Carbon core is designed for strength and stability, giving you a solid riding platform.


Stylish mahogany finish elevates the underside of the carbon core.


Aluminium mast acts as a heatsink, no cumbersome cooling tubes needed.

Inflatable board

Custom case

Made from premium materials, pack Flitescooter into cases that fit in your car.

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